8 Granola Ideas For Breakfast

Granola is the easiest option for outdoor breakfast. Whenever we wake up we always want to have some light and easy to make recipes that are delicious and nutritious at the same time to get a fresh start to the day. When it comes to easy and healthy eating at the same time granola is one of the easiest breakfast options to get quick breakfast and is loaded protein, sugar, and nothing else.

Sometimes the prepared glass also available but we all know that if we make the granola at home it will be in the best form of its own It is really sweet, fast, and often more nutritious than sugar-free cereals. There are plenty of granola packs in stores and online, but we all know that nothing is more important than homemade ones. You don’t need much time and you can adjust it to your preferences and food preferences. So this morning, or you know, we’ll share some of the great granola recipes you have for different dishes today.

1. Almond Joy Granola

If you like almond fun, follow up with the idea of ​​homemade muesli. You can absorb it on the coconut palate without seasoning it with coconut oil and without coconut oil. Add raw, optional sweet almonds, honey, agave syrup, or classic maple syrup to add a pinch of salt to taste, whisk the wheat, and puree in the oven for 30 minutes. don’t burn it.

Then add the dark chocolate and you’ll get the perfect granola from the Joy almond. It is the best way if you want to get a healthy nutritious and yet the quick kind of granola inside the home. You can add additional sweet Almonds and syrups upon the dish to which you made and enjoy a nutritious and delicious breakfast in a few minutes. If you do not have the maple syrup or any other syrup inside the home you can just make it on your own by peeling of the apples and cooking it for a good time until it gets darker.

2. Hazelnut Granola

If you prefer nuts lovers, try this granola. Includes healthy fats and proteins from nuts and seeds to start a nice day. Everything you need is hot, such as hazelnut slices, sunflower seeds, almond slices, toasted coconut, and honey. Take a neutral oil, mix in the oats, pour it often into the oven, and make the tasty breakfast the week before.

Hazelnuts are the best kinds of nuts that of full of proteins and good fats and when it comes to having crunchy granola in the morning you can always prefer to add hazelnuts inside it to add a crunch and a healthy breakfast as well. You can place the Hazelnuts in olive oil and roast it for some time and place them in the granola to make a crunchy breakfast in the morning.

3. peanut butter cluster granola

Some people like loose granola, but if you like larger swirls and clumps, this may be for you. It is made of nuts and butter. So, if you are a fan of beans, this will be a real double prize. It is a dessert and you can also have breakfast with milk or yogurt, but it also works to mix directions.

Follow the usual granola recipe, but add peanut butter to form this large batch. The peanut butter is liked by a lot of people and when it comes to healthy breakfast ideas, peanut butter cluster granola is one of the best kind which you can add to your breakfast.

It does not require any pre-preparation because you can buy the peanut butter from the market at a very cheap rate and get to add the peanut butter, add to your granola to make a quick breakfast for yourself to start a fresh day.

4. Cranberry orange granola

This sweet and special granola is perfect for those who want to try something new and have a special taste. Orange peels are the perfect ingredient for cutting things and they really change the game (using orange peels), they also add dried fish, they work well with citrus fruits. This is a great option to try if you paint with all the usual flavors of granola.

5. Coconut Macaroon Granola

This living granola is changing. Just make some coconut macaroni. Small coconut macaroni is certainly a step forward, but they are not too difficult to make and the results are consistent. Be sure to do more than you think, accidentally throwing small granola into the snack. This is just a guarantee.

6. Buckwheat Granola

If you’ve never tried granola soba before, don’t miss it. This is a sweet dish, the perfect ingredient for granola. It’s packed with protein and is very crunchy, so you can throw in a meal and snack. The cup of yogurt and the soup and soup will never be the same if you sit for a while. You can add granola recipes as usual or replace wheat with green buckwheat.

7. Nut free Granola

Some of us are allergic to peanuts and others don’t like peanuts, okay? But that doesn’t mean you can’t have granola. You can enjoy the granola without the beans and they will also be delicious. This will be fine, but you can add beans and nuts. And as an added bonus, this doesn’t mean that beans don’t get close to calories, so you can have more.

8. Quinoa Granola

Who knows, maybe you can add quinoa to your granola to get rawer? But certainly, that is possible. No need to do the same or anything. Add the rest of the granola mixture before placing it in the oven. People can add quinoa and convert to the granola so as to get some amazing crunch while eating right.

You can simply mix all of you things together and place at in the baking area so that it can bake and you get to eat crispy breakfast. The mixture is so delicious to eat and add it to the granola. the best part about it is that it includes crunch and that’s what makes it the best for eating.

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